Tim Daly

Executive Vice president, Chief Information Officer ITN Networks LLC

Tim Daly

ITN ( provides custom unwired TV networks and as EVP, CIO for over 20 years, I have been responsible for designing, building, and operating a programmatic set of systems to run the business. This includes the systems to automate and optimize the internal network planning and local buying functions, plus the systems to manage the myriad external data transactions with our audience research, verification, and traffic providers as well as our affiliate stations and agency and client customers.  Created a set of proprietary audience data estimating and posting systems that are central to the operations of the company, incorporating Nielsen NSI local, NTI national, Catalina, and AMRLD data among other data sets. (since 1992)

Started in Media Research at Young & Rubicam, designing and analyzing the first Nielsen cable network audience diary and phone coincidental surveys. Special projects related to TV survey methodological comparisons, media spending test results, and Reach and Frequency systems.  (1978-1980)

At HBO I directed audience research and program development research. HBO audience research was extremely data intensive, and was an early adopter of computer based data analysis.

We introduced and supported innovative measurement tools including Nielsen meter measurement of HBO and customized multi-pay diaries to measure audience satisfaction with programs and subscriber attitudes.  Also created statistical models and decision systems to plan, schedule, and account for HBO’s program investment.  Led development of standardized primary research tools in support of HBO Original, Sports, and Pictures plus programming strategy and new channel development. Developed program testing methods to support program development and positioning decisions.


NBC Cable: Research Director on CNBC and Sports channel research, creating audience estimates for sales, as well as conducting marketing research on channel positioning. (1990)

AdExpress Company: a startup, we created the technology to manage traffic operations and to market local inventory as a national cable interconnect. The audience targeting and planning system I built – SAVIE – (Strategic Audience Value Identification and Evaluation) -  combined geo-targeted Prizm data, MRI purchase data and Nielsen cable network viewing data to produce highly efficient and targeted multi-market cable schedules and was acquired by Nielsen.(1991-1992)

Industry Committees: Member of the Cable Labs Advertising Technology Task Force (1993) and the Electronic Industry Association EIA-608 extended data services standards Committee, working in conjunction with the  ANA and 4A’s to extend the ISCI --(now called “AD-ID”) –standard (1994-1996). I have presented at numerous CTAM and NCTA cable conferences as well as the ARF, which published my research paper on TV commercial electronic verification methods and accuracy (1997). I am currently a participating member of the Nielsen Local PGC committee (since 2010) and the Media Ratings Council (since 2013).  

Graduated from Brown University:  B.A. with Honors in Linguistics.