CRE Charter

Charter of the Council for Research Excellence

Mission Statement

The mission of the Council for Research Excellence is to advance the knowledge and practice of methodological research on audience measurement through the active collaboration of Nielsen and its clients.

The Council will identify specific methodological research projects, select research providers and report research findings to Nielsen's client base. All research will be funded by Nielsen Media Research.

It is intended that the operations of the Council will reflect the values of transparency, inclusiveness, diversity, imagination, collegiality, practicality and client leadership.


Methodological research is concerned with the accuracy of audience measurements and the effects of possible changes in methods. It provides the foundation for valid, reliable and credible audience measurement.

To insure that the priorities of its clients are reflected in its research and development efforts, on February 18, 2005, Nielsen Media Research announced that it is making $2.5 million available for a special research and development Fund, incremental to its customary research and development investments.

The Council for Research Excellence is intended to give Nielsen's client base greater voice in the design and execution of methodological research. The Council is composed of Nielsen clients representing different industry segments. Operating in cooperation with, but independently of, Nielsen Media Research, the Council will manage the research and development Fund.

Following an evaluation of the success of this initiative during the first year by Nielsen and its clients, Nielsen will determine the size of the Fund on an ongoing basis.


The Council is responsible for:

  • Organizing its own structure and ongoing operations
  • Identifying research and development priorities it chooses to explore
  • Drafting various research proposals and requests for proposals
  • Selecting research providers to execute the proposed research (which may include Nielsen Media Research if the Council so chooses)
  • Tracking the progress of the execution of research and
  • Reporting to Nielsen's client base the research findings

To support the Council in its work and to provide informed and independent points of view, Nielsen will establish a Technical Advisory Panel of academic, government and industry experts.