Research Committees

  1. Audio Committee

    The Audio Committee mission is to evaluate and improve all aspects of audio measurement to ensure that audiences are accurately represented for broadcasters and clients so that both can achieve their marketing and communications goals.

  2. Big Data

    The challenges of traditional, sample-based market research continue to rise in our dynamic, fragmented media landscape.   At the same time, accessibility to large data sets from almost any business or personal sector (including our own physiological responses) is driving increased demand and innovation within the data sciences.

    The goal of the Big Data Committee is to explore the growing intersection of these two disciplines, identify and create informed dialogue around the critical questions this intersection creates, and explore methods, techniques and approaches to improve the quality of big data solutions.

  3. Data Quality Committee

    The Data Quality Committee designs research to provide insights into methods to improve data quality for media measurement.

  4. Digital Research Committee (Inactive)

    The Digital Committee of the CRE is exploring how consumers are adopting new digital technologies.  Its current project is an ethnography being conducted by GfK.  The goal is to provide insights on consumer usage of new video technologies and the potential impact on audience measurement.      

  5. Local Measurement Committee

    The Local Measurement Committee's mission is to analyze and work to improve all aspects of local measurement.  Our interest extends to local media including radio, television and digital.  There are many factors which make local measurement challenging including sample sizes, economic constraints, and the uniqueness of each local market.  Our goal is to find measurement solutions for today’s local marketplace and for the future.

  6. Media Consumption and Engagement

    The mission of this committee is to improve and evolve audience measurement through comprehensive and ongoing study of media consumption.

    Specifically, the committee seeks to dimension the current consumption of media and how it is changing (and will change) over time in order to propose the optimal form of media measurement.

  7. Neurometrics
  8. Return Path Measurement

    With the ability to time-shift video consumption, come the demands for greater accountability and increased data granularity within the commercial Broadcast/ Cable industry.  For these reasons, Set-Top Box (STB) data are increasingly being heralded as the future of television audience measurement.  

    The goal of this subcommittee is to conduct a comprehensive examination of how various vendors’ STBs capture and report tuning, from which will emerge learning as to the viability of using STB data as a measure of video tuning behavior.  To that end, the CRE's Set-Top Box Subcommittee has engaged the services of consultants who are working in tandem to create and field questionnaires designed to obtain relevant information, the findings of which will be shared industry-wide.

  9. ROI

    The goal of the ROI Committee is to explore current approaches used to measure the Return on Investment of advertising in order to determine whether these approaches are valid and have kept up with the significant dynamics in the media and advertising environment. Our first project focused on marketing mix models and media mix models, the major analytical tools applied in measuring and attempting to optimize, advertising ROI. Two aspects were addressed,  how they account for the long-term effects of advertising and the quality of their data inputs. Sequent Partners was contracted for this study.

    As a follow-up in November 2014 Sequent Partners further evaluated current state of the art regarding the long term effects issue. The next step is a formal presentation of those findings and recommendations from the research. Our goal is to develop a “best practices” approach for the integration of long term effects into ROI measurement for advertising. Going forward we will return to the issue of the data input quality in current models. The committee’s work has accomplished one of the original goals of creating an open forum regarding the modeling mix process.

  10. Social Media Committee (Inactive)

    The committee’s goal is to improve the industry’s understanding of the impact that social media has on media consumption, and to provide insights to improve research methodology.   The Social Media Committee has been investigating the relationship between social media usage and television viewing.  Two studies have been completed:  Talking Social TV 1 (fielded May / June 2012) and Talking Social TV 2 (fielded Sept / Oct 2013). The committee is currently developing research ideas for future studies.  Potential areas of interest include the relationship between social media and television advertising,  the relationship between social media and audio, and an investigation of how conversation moves across channels and cohorts.

  11. Universe Estimates (Inactive)

    To determine reliable method(s) for creating accurate media-related universe estimates (including subsets such as age/sex/income/geography/ethnicity/language) that can be readily adapted, updated, and expanded to reflect rapidly changing technologies.

    Current categories
    Wired Cable (including telcos), Digital Cable, Digital converter Box, VOD enabled, Satellite, PVR, VCR, DVD Recorder, DVR Player only, Over-the-air digital, HD Set(s) HD receive over-the-air, HD receive satellite, Internet at home, broadband at home, WiFi, cell phone (including separate categories for video, subsrcibes to wifi content, internet enables, etc) Video Mp3 player, Mp3 player

Other Committees

  1. Communications Committee

    The Communications Committee oversees the marketing of the CRE and is responsible for ensuring that all communications and touchpoints deliver against the organization's objectives.

  2. Diversity

    To help ensure that the Council's membership reflects the diversity of the Nielsen client base and therefore encompasses a broad spectrum of viewpoints that are representative of the audiences being measured by Nielsen

  3. Education Committee

    Our mission is to excite people about media research through the "paths of research." We will accomplish this goal by:

    · Providing general information about the industry
    · Creating a “go-to” source for industry-related resources
    · Targeting those that are curious, in their early careers, and those that are established professionals 
    · Exploring areas of diversity

    Our programs segment research professionals by different levels of professional achievement (new to the industry, mid-career and advanced/industry professionals).

  4. Futures Committee
  5. Insights to Practice

    The Insights to Practice committee works with The Nielsen Company to inform its research practices, products and services with the practical learnings from the CRE’s various studies.

  6. Steering

    The Steering Committee, selected by the Board, oversees governance of the CRE, including issues related to by-laws and membership.