Social Media Committee (Inactive)

The committee’s goal is to improve the industry’s understanding of the impact that social media has on media consumption, and to provide insights to improve research methodology.   The Social Media Committee has been investigating the relationship between social media usage and television viewing.  Two studies have been completed:  Talking Social TV 1 (fielded May / June 2012) and Talking Social TV 2 (fielded Sept / Oct 2013). The committee is currently developing research ideas for future studies.  Potential areas of interest include the relationship between social media and television advertising,  the relationship between social media and audio, and an investigation of how conversation moves across channels and cohorts.



Social Media Committee - Informational Meetings

Topic: Social Media Metrics Landscape for CRE
Speaker: Erik Rabasca, VP, Social Practice Lead, Mediabrands

This presentation is a review of the social media landscape developed to provide context for our social media research discussion. Erik has been involved with social media since before media was named social. As Social Practice Lead of Mediabrands companies Reprise Media, Cadreon and Rally/UM, he is responsible for developing the strategic vision of social media services, product development and quality of client delivery while fostering a collaborative culture throughout the organization. Connect with Erik on Twitter @ErikNYC or though LinkedIn.

Topic: How Social is Social Media, Really?
Speaker: Ed Keller, CEO Keller Fay Group

Social networking sites have become the shiny new toys for many marketers today, and discussion about them dominates the marketing trade press. In this talk, Ed Keller of the Keller Fay Group will argue that social media websites are just one modest-sized piece of a much larger "social marketing" opportunity for brands. He argues for a holistic perspective which recognizes that "traditional" media such as television, the internet, and print offer audiences that can be far more "social" than Facebook and Twitter, and capable of motivating far more word of mouth advocacy for brands. Further, Keller will show that conversations that take place on social networking websites relating to products, services, and brands are only a small percentage of all consumer conversations about brands, and not representative of offline conversations.

Topic: Integrating Social Media Into the Marketing Mix
Speaker: Jessica Hogue, Research Director, CPG Online, The Nielsen Company

Social Media holds enormous potential for marketers. According to a survey conducted by NMIncite, a lack of metrics was the main barrier to furthering the use of social media within organizations. This presentation looks at barriers to integrating Social Media, and provides a discussion of Social Listening's power to improve customer satisfaction, marketing effectiveness and innovation within CPG companies.

Jessica serves as Research Director for The Nielsen Company where she is responsible for designing custom analytics for Nielsen’s consumer products clients using Nielsen’s suite of online audience measurement and social media products. Jessica has developed progressive ways of tapping social listening for new product development and leads Nielsen’s health, wellness and sustainability trend insights. She has published numerous studies and articles on the subject of digital moms and is a sought out industry expert on the online behaviors of women. Jessica was the recent recipient of a Rising Star certificate at the ARF Great Mind awards. A graduate of Pepperdine University, Jessica holds an MS from the Columbia School of Journalism.