About CRE

Some of our current studies are designed to explore concurrent platform usage and its relative effects, and to examine different types of video usage in natural settings using the tools of ethnography. Our work to improve measurement quality includes testing a combined audio/TV diary which can increase sample sizes in local markets and a review of validation practices regarding new and modeled data.  We are looking into the potential bias of metering multiple devices in the same homes and expanding our toolkits with applications of neuroscience and machine learning.

These projects demonstrate the ways in which we apply the breadth of knowledge from our members to identify the important research questions that need answers, design the studies and evaluate and interpret the results for the benefit of the entire research and media communities.  

No single independent organization has CRE's knowledge base, or the commitment of funds, for the important task of improving audience research. The CRE focuses on what the industry needs to know.  

Billy McDowellBilly McDowell
CRE Chair


Message from Nielsen


We are pleased to support the CRE in its mission to advance the knowledge and practice of methodological research on audience measurement. The studies that the CRE conducts provide our clients with an opportunity to explore new and critical issues. And, the results provide actionable insights and new understanding for our industry. We look forward to our continued collaboration and to new findings to come.

Lynda Clarizio President, U. S. Media, Nielsen