Debbie Reichig

SVP Media Research 20th Television

Debbie Reichig

While focusing on the intersection of media sales, marketing and research, Debbie Reichig innovates new strategies and procedures that increase profitability for each of the companies she works with.  Her experience includes work with a variety of local and national media across broadcast, cable, digital, out-of-home, and social.  Reichig specializes in blending new technologies into traditional media organizations while being focused on the generation of incremental revenue. 


Reichig employs both primary and secondary research to develop stories that support and inform go-to-market positioning.  She has developed unique integrated solutions for advertisers that have their foundation in an understanding of the ad funnel and how each marketing facet contributes to success.   A firm believer in the creation of a strong media sales brand, Reichig has expertise in developing marketing departments that are trained in branding, advertising and communications.


Never one to accept the status quo, Debbie Reichig has always been on the forefront of new technology and has helped various advertising media companies decipher the environment and invent appropriate strategies for success.  Currently, she directs research efforts at 20th TV/Fox and is leading their implementation of big-data targeting and spear-heading their programmatic sales initiative.  Prior to this she guided product development and sales at big-data TV targeter Precision Demand and helped sell the company to AOL.  During the early days of digital-out-of-home at Clear Channel Outdoor, Reichig researched insights into how OOH, social, local and mobile work together to reach target customers. At NBC Universal, Reichig coordinated and organized their first "New Technology Conference", their first "Digital Place-Based Upfront" and the A.C.T.I.O.N. Media Research Council.  While at Court TV, Reichig developed the first ROI-based secondary effectiveness guarantee, and during the early days of online she conducted the research that led to being the first site to ban pop-ups, developed new ad formats, and turned research into a revenue generator as they fought for TV dollars.